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Welcome to the Lake!

Long Lake Lifestyle was chosen as our company name because this is the lake that we have our lake house on.

We are your neighbors at the lake; you know the ones, who have kids that wake up ridiculously early for a big breakfast of pancakes and the run down then echoing pier way to early in the morning to go fishing. We’re really a lot like you and your family. We once had a hectic lifestyle that revolved around jobs and electronics, but one day we stopped to take inventory on what was really important.

After reflecting on life and thinking about our future we realized that we have about 10 years to spend time with the kids, pry them away from their iPads and reconnect them to nature and the beautiful world around them. We wanted to create fun memories for our family and friends. In order to live the life of our dreams, we bought a lake house on Long Lake in Wisconsin.

Every day spent on the lake is an adventure. Our kids love to hunt for turtles, frogs, and mud puppies. They often get to see eagles soar the sky right from their own backyard. The best treat is when they see one of the local foxes trot by outside our picture window. These are experiences you just don’t get in the city. If you live near a lake, then you know what I’m talking about.

We are an active family that enjoys all lake sports. You can find us tubing and water skiing throughout the sunny summer days. We enjoy the lake throughout each season and the wildlife it offers.

We created Long Lake Lifestyle so we could live the life style we love. Our mission is to serve you with products that create conversations with family and friends. We strive to produce products that build memories of your time at the lake, express your lake pride and create lake art work that can be handed down generation after generation. We proudly display our products in both our homes so we are always reminded of the beauty and memories of the lake.

This summer why not take a running leap off the pier, gather with friends and family around a campfire telling ghost stories and cooking up brats, or enjoy long hours reading a paperback book on the pier. That’s what we’ll be doing!